Giovanni A. Tassone Architect Inc.  

Giovanni Tassone Architect Inc. is a small enthusiastic architectural practice consisting of six staff members. Giovanni Tassone, the principal, established the firm in 2000 with Kurt Glauser joining in 2005 as senior project architect. Both have15 years post graduate experience on a variety of project types. Additional staff include Cassie Wood and Victoria Lucas, both registered architects with the OAA, Vishwas Thoke, graduate architect, and Adam Croutch, architectural designer.

The firm’s portfolio has a wide variety of project types that include institutional, residential, commercial, industrial, and interiors. The projects range greatly in scale and complexity. Our clients tend to be obtained by word-of-mouth and are often repeat clients, which demonstrates our commitment to listening and working collaboratively with them throughout their projects. Our design attitudes draw from the richness and vitality of the context in which we live; the Greater Toronto area. We have lived and worked in its diverse cultural context for many years.

We recognize the inherent complexity of building in a sensitive, economic, and sustainable manner and that this requires the collaboration of many experts developing sound strategies for each unique project. The relationships with our network of experts allows for a creative and effective decision-making process resulting in solutions not only beneficial to our clients but to the general public as well. This inclusive attitude is also evident in our cooperation with the municipal authorities and the building industry including manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors.



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